We Love Architecture

Our work is based on a simple philosophy.

Architecture cannot be excellent unless it provides a healthy environment for occupants.

Our architecture is excellent.

Everything we do is aimed at providing both architectural excellence and healthy buildings.

No compromise.

Theca comes from a Latin word describing a protective casing or shell.

We see this as describing our architecture perfectly. We will always ensure your home protects you and your family.


Our architecture is simple, and excellent.

We use simple forms, simple material palettes and the Passive House Standard to create architecture that is enduring, responsive to your needs and contextually excellent.

We work with you in a collaborative way to achieve a building that is beautiful, fit for purpose and a delight to live, work, learn or play in.


Low Energy

We have a fundamental belief that buildings must be comfortable and healthy for the folks who occupy them, be they at home, work or at school.

The Passive House Standard is the world's most effective way of guaranteeing a healthy, comfortable and efficient building.

We work with you to help you achieve a Passive House, or at least a very comfortable, healthy and efficient building.